Strange days

A short thought after a series of appointments in several magazines of a very famous italian publisher.

During last years we faced “strange” behaviours of people who has the power to decide the future of photography but we’ll never stop to be amazed when we hear an editor in chief saying that if you work with him you can’t work for that other magazine and vice versa.

Well, we could understand if he asks us to sign a contract or at least if he could ensure a certain number of shootings in a year .

But, like always happens, me must “freeze” waiting for his call a couple of times in a lifetime, maybe loosing much more interesting jobs, well, we think he’s missing the fact that we must pay the phone bill EVEN if we already paid the energy one.

That’s why we never did a real selection of magazines we wanted to work with (well, we don’t work for everybody…), because there’s no need to discriminate if you do your best.

We mean, in our experience best jobs always came from notrenowned magazines (or adv agencies).