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The Camp

This is an ongoing and unfinished project. We started it a year ago with the idea of portraying common people who consider  camping the only way to live a vacation. Will we ever finish it? Only time could tell…

The Mask

With this project we tried to catch the hidden side of the Cosplayers, attempting to show us the real person behind the mask. Doing so, the mask is not the most important part of the shots anymore. The portrayed people is forced not to show their classic “moves” and they are decontextualized from all the events where they’re used to be stars. The result is an investigation of the real human being behind all the colors and accessories that make these players known all over the world. Who between all of us is going out in the morning without wearing a mask?

#BCM14 backstage

Here’s the backstage of the shooting we did during three days in Milan last november.

Thanks a lot to “Fred” for the video, PHOTOMOVIE and GRAZIA magazine for their support.


/THIS IS NOT workshop

Next month, the 12th and 13th of April, a weekend, there will be our first (and only) workshop, in Milan.
You can find more info in the dedicated page (CLICK HERE).
If you’re interested in,  you can fill this short form to request more infos.

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