Last days were full of meetings, location scouting and quotations (our job is this too), but some news are coming.

Our career has been marked by several changes but the most important one was when we moved from the painted light (seethis POST) to digital photography.

Our intent was to keep astyle acquired during years of experimentation but leaving a technique that made us well known and appreciated has been a quite hard challenge.

Unfortunately you can’t do “epochal turns” everyday. However small changes are very important, not only to be updated but to renew your work and try to propose something new too (well, “new”….. let’s say “different”).

That’s why we consider very important the mood we’re giving to our last works, using a less intrusive post production. And this decision could receive furtherhelp by a new (for us) digital retoucherwe met: fresh ideas and, maybe, more reasons to believe in a job every day harder and castrated….