If you consider the italian market and that here the “crisis” is killing a lot of good magazines, moving abroad can be a solution.

Our transition to Getty Images, after all, was aimed at this.It happened many times to shoot for foreign magazines in Italy or in a foreign country for italian magazines.

For the first time, however, we travelled to take a cover shooting for a Spanish magazine. Very interesting experience but very stressful too.

Managing director and picture editor in Spanish and assistant inEnglish (while time was running short and the number of photo requests was high) was not simple at all.

Fortunately, the subject (despite the notoriety) was very helpful, even for non-banal shots.

However we’d say that things have gone well, although we’d expect to be able to show something before saying it.

We hope that talking about “Spain”, considering the recent news, the octopus ” Paul” will be on our side too…..