Elkann & Pesce

This week on VANITYFAIR (as we wrote tuesday on our Facebook Page) a shooting with Lapo Elkann and Gaetano Pesce for their common artistic view.

Further details on the magazine.

Much more interesting for us is to talk about the results, especially the the two pics you can see above….

On the magazine you’ll find much more pictures (among others a couple of shots on location; we had to check the place one week before the shooting and to study all the props we wanted in).

Talking about those, we must say we had some printing problems (especially in the first double page of Lapo ): the image has a super contrast we didn’t give. At the same time the picture of Pesce in his “world” has been printed quite small but we perfectly understand that after doing another full double page with the two close ups they should have found a small space to write something! ;)

Back to the two pics above.

They’re a kind of result of dozens of shots we realized for a “big project” we’re working on since 2008; that’s why we’re almost “calibrated” and we know the result even before start shooting.

If you add two persons like them (one ready for everything in front of a camera and the other with great life experience), things are quite easy.

Just to know, to have both close ups above we didn’t “shot” more than thirty times….